Atlantic Harp Duo

Elizabeth Jaxon & Marta Power

Gargilesse Festival

19 August 2013

Gargilesse Festival
Atlantic Harp Duo - Gargilesse, France

Atlantic Harp Duo – Gargilesse, France

This month, the Atlantic Harp Duo is looking forward to performing at the summer Harp Festival in Gargilesse, France. We are honored to have been invited to give the final concert of the festival, on Sunday, August 25th, at 3pm, following concerts by such excellent artists as Mai Fukui and Agnès Clément. For the occasion, we have resurrected our Chopin program, which we haven’t had the opportunity to perform in quite a while. Our fingers are satisfied to be back to wrapping themselves around the notes of Boiëldieu, Hummel, Oberthür…and especially Chopin himself. Joining us on stage will also be actress Faustine Rousselet, who will read the narrative accompanying the program. We’re very much looking forward to making this pilgrimage to a place which held such significance in the lives of our two main characters. What better venue for this music than the very place where Frederic Chopin and authoress George Sand retreated together for their summer vacations?

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