Atlantic Harp Duo

Elizabeth Jaxon & Marta Power

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“…what a lovely ensemble they make.  They play as one, with a blend of musicianship that masks where one begins and the other leaves off.”

~Alison Young, Harp Column Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011

“…it was in Paris that Elizabeth and Marta got together and formed the Atlantic Harp Duo. This duo now has engagements throughout Europe and the United States, and it is good to know that Elizabeth’s recent move to Thailand is not going to mean its dissolution…there are many student harp ensembles and comparatively few professional ones, so it is exciting when a harp duo as polished and creative as Elizabeth and Marta is giving concerts around the world…”

~Camac Harp Blog, Jan 2011

“The last concert was “An Evening with Fryderyk Chopin and Georg Sand” prepared and wonderfully played by Marta Luce and Elizabeth Jaxon. These young Americans living in Paris make up the Atlantic Harp Duo, and not only do they play superbly well—their duo has been together for four years—but they made their own transcriptions of three pieces by Chopin, with which they were able to successfully transmit the emotions and musical intentions of our Countryman.”

~Polish Harp Association, Sept 2010

“Marta Power Luce and Elizabeth Jaxon provided lovely sounds and a diverse repertoire for the enraptured audience. Their enthusiasm and youthful spirits were a delight!”

~Congregational Summer Assembly News Bulletin, 2009